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Welcome Counselor,

–Thank you for taking a minute to take a look at this site.

This site is looking for a HOME
a New Master…

This Law Practice Website is priced at an affordable $1,875.00.

The first attorney who sends me an initial deposit of $625 via PayPal gets the site. Within 48 hours I will personally begin to detail the site for you:

  • “Brand the site” for you, using your name and logo etc;
  • Add custom photo-shop’ed pictures of your office building, office interior;
  • Add your picture and any staff photos you may choose;
  • Recreate the firm profile, the attorney profile(s), contact page and;
  • Any other (reasonable) changes you have.

If you have the pictures and content handy I can have this website “dialed-in” for your in 2-days. If you need some help with pictures or even video for your new site I can help you with that as well. Tons of examples on the web I can share with you. The branding of this site to make it ALL about you is somewhat tedious work. I estimate 13 to 16 hours to “brand the site” including specific content and time in Photo-Shop to detail your pictures, logos and what have you. When the site is the way you like it, send me $625.00 more. In 30 days send me the balance ($625.00). That’s it. Like I said, no “snake-oil…”

Call anytime:

–Keith Bennett

888.900.9078 – computer lab
562.265.1218 – office
714.381.9025 – cell

If you’ve looked this site over and really want it, there is only this one Orange County Immigration Attorney site and I figure first come, first serve… If that is you, consider dragging out a credit card if it is 3 am and you don’t want to wish you had. I am sending out a dozen emails a day to the 200+ Immigration Law Attorneys I’m aware of in Orange County. A surprising number of these local lawyers have a “Dead” or expired site, a site they tried to build themselves (many never finished – many less-than-professional looking), or their law practice website is very broad and Immigration is but a minor link on the current site resulting in NO CLIENTS EVER CALLING… Even those sites that are good looking are on a domain name (often with your practice name or initials as part of it) and simply NOT FIND-ABLE by common Internet searches. This site can be found and as it ages the search engines keep ranking it better and better and the weeks go by. My sites work. My sites always seem to find a home. I can be reached from 7:30 am – 9:00 pm most days including weekends if you want to talk.

Deposit of $625

OFFICE HOURS: Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
TELEPHONE HOURS: We attempt to connect you with an Attorney 24 Hours a Day ~ 7 Days a Week!


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